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3D factory design

Project Engineering

A sound approach before and during the implementation process will significantly improve the quality of the end result. Essentia Consultancy provides expertise in this area, such as:

  • translating client requirements and wishes into URS (User Requirement Specifications)
  • configuration of appropriate machines and their setups
  • designing of 3D plans
  • producing necessary diagrams (Process Flow Diagrams and Process & Instrumentation Diagrams)
  • technical support during implementation

We constantly remain alert to potential improvements, that will lead to higher profits. Of course we will do this without losing our sight on progress or budget.

Project management

Project Management

The Project Management, provided by Essentia Consultancy, includes the following:

  • communication with suppliers, specialists, engineering and future users
  • clear and direct reporting to the client and stakeholders
  • monitoring of budget and planning
  • support for purchasing (including drawing up tenders)
  • reporting and documentation

Compleet implementation

Entire Design and Implementation

Would you rather put the design and realization of an investment in one hand of the professionals?

Choose the shortest route from A to B! Essentia knows the processes, market and suppliers and therefore offers complete realization of turnkey investments.

A final fixed price and guaranteed endresult limit the risks and required effort of the client. This reduces the impact of a large investment on it's own organization, so the client's activities can remain focused on it's own work and results.